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Facts - Ace Net Web Hosting

By Mark Shroyer

We researched over 200 web hosts and narrowed it down to the best Web hosts called the "Web Host 'Straight A' HOT List." To qualify for this list we required each web host have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at the time of our review. BBB ratings indicate how well companies have satisfied their customers and resolved complaints. The BBB rated Ace Net with an A+.

But we did even further research.

Next, we emailed Ace Net twice with 40+ tough questions about their shared Web hosting. We wanted to check out their response time and the depth of their answers. Both times were during "off" hours. (i.e., First set of questions were emailed on a week night somewhere between 7 PM to midnight. The other set were emailed on a weekend.)

It took Ace Net 48 minutes to answer our first set of questions and 26 minutes to answer our second set. 24 hours or less for a response is considered quick by industry standards. AceNet responded within the hour on both occasions and supplied us with the fullest detailed answers. Frankly, they were the fastest and most impressive on our entire list of hosts.

Here are the answers to our questions straight from Ace Net themselves:

  1. Question: How long have you been in business?

    Answer: We've been in business since 2003.

  2. Question: What are all the different ways I can contact technical support?

    Answer: We currently only offer Technical Support by the Help Desk. While this may seem like an inconvenience to someone who hasn't used our support before, it's also what allows us to make an initial response to all new tickets within 7 minutes time on average. Being tied up on the phone or going through disorganized emails wouldn't allow us to be this efficient and accurate with our award winning support as we are right now.

  3. Question: Do you offer a simple user-friendly Web site builder for beginners to make creating web pages quicker and easier? (i.e., WYSIWYG online HTML Editor or something similar?)

    Answer: Yes we do offer site studio which is available for an extra $2/mo this is a WYSIWYG online HTML Editor with some simple templates that make it easy to create a website.

  4. Question: On average how long should I expect to wait before I get a reply back from technical support on an urgent high priority request?

    Answer: All priority requests normally will receive an initial response within 7 minutes. Even if we are tied up with other tickets at that very moment. There is no need to set a priority as all tickets are treated as emergencies in our view.

  5. Question: Will I share an IP number or will I have my own?

    Answer: Both. Your account will reside on a shared server which contains a shared IP address. However, Now that our new Enterprise 2.0 plans come with their own dedicated IP address so you'll have that as well. Your website will resolve to your dedicated IP address and so will your email. However, Should you wish to use the servers shared IP address for any reason, you are able to do so.

  6. Question: How many sites are currently running on the server I would be on and how many sites do you normally put on one shared server?

    Answer: About 970 accounts would reside on the server. The servers Resources and CPU usage can be monitored by cPanel as it's a plug-in graph we've put there to allow clients to see the servers usage. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and if any account becomes rogue or compromised for any reason and attempts to chew up large amounts of CPU or Memory, it's taken care of very swiftly.

    We do not stop loading accounts on a server just because of how many exist, the servers are regularly monitored for actual usage. If you have 100 websites just using static content and begin loading a new server, that is a large waste of server hardware and resources since 100 static websites would use hardly any of the servers resources. When we stop loading a shared server is a formula of how many websites are using what amount and percentage of the servers resources on a daily basis, and how much growth within those own sites we expect to see in the near future. This gives a little bit of room for the current accounts on that server to add more domains and websites in the future without the worry of the servers CPU or Memory being taxed.

  7. Question: How do you decide what constitutes a full server?

    Answer: Please see above explanation in question 5. A combination of how many sites are using what percentage of server resources on a daily average along with some room for growth.

  8. Question: Will I be contacted in advance about routine maintenance?

    Answer: Yes, anytime a MYSQL or PHP upgrade needs to take place, you'll be notified weeks in advance to make proper changes in case your scripts would be effected by such an upgrade. The only thing we do not contact shared clients about are kernel updates which require a server reboot. This is simply because of how frequent kernel updates can be sometimes. The kernel updates are done in the morning during off peak hours and 99% of the clients do not even know it took place. The reboot usually takes about 2-4 minutes of downtime to come back up with the new kernel applied.

  9. Question: What is your bandwidth, transfer, file or hit limit?

    Answer: No bandwidth limits on Enterprise 2.0 accounts. Enterprise 2.0 is the only shared plan we are offering currently. The file limit per directory is set at 25k I believe. It could be set larger but we've yet to find someone who has a valid purpose in doing this yet. If it was needed, we could probably expand this number to accommodate.

  10. Question: Can I have telnet access?

    Answer: There is no TELNET access to our servers but SSH/JailShell (limited) access can be applied on a per account basis per request. This would allow you to do exactly the same things TELNET would be able to provide for you.

  11. Question: Is a CGI directory included?

    Answer: Yes, but using the cgi-bin/ is not required to run CGI scripts. You can run them anywhere within the /public_html of the account.

  12. Question: Can I run CGI scripts outside of the CGI directory?

    Answer: Yes.

  13. Question: Is there a limit to how many scripts I can install?

    Answer: No limits to how many scripts you run. As long as your scripts did not consume excess amounts of CPU. This would mean using 20% or more of the 8 total CPU's built within the server. If this were to happen it would mean you have a rogue script looping or you are getting millions of hits and have out grown the confines of what shared hosting can offer. Regardless, if you hit this limit or not we get daily reports every night and notify any user who might have exceeded 20% of the shared servers CPU. They're given a chance to correct the script problem and speak to the script developers or upgrade to a VDS/Dedicated Server. Clients are not just thrown off unless it risks crashing the server. 90% of the clients we contact about this normally resolve the problem by disabling a poorly coded plug-in for example or asking the script developers for assistance in fixing what ever part of their scripts are broken or misconfiguration.

  14. Question: Do you provide full shell access?

    Answer: No, only jail shell (limited) access. Full/root access would fall under what is offered with a dedicated or vps server.

  15. Question: What version of Perl do you use? Does it contain a full set of modules?

    Answer: root@north [/home]# perl -v
    As of Jan. 27, 20011 it is perl, v5.8.8 built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi

    Every module that you probably need is on the server. If there are specific modules you would need, please let me know and I'll be happy to look them up for you. It's very rare that server not have the perl modules required for a shared client. In the cases that we don't, we can normally schedule upgrade maintenance and load it on if it's something that wouldn't effect other clients.

  16. Question: Do you offer a Web statistics package?

    Answer: Awstats, yes. This must be enabled in your cPanel and stats are produced in a 24 hour period.

  17. Question: Will I have access to the raw statistical log files?

    Answer: RAW Apache Access logs for your account only are provided in cPanel.

  18. Question: Does the space used by my logs count against my allotted disk space?

    Answer: The RAW access logs are just snap shots or portions of the Apache domlogs. These snapshots of the domlogs that are downloadable in cPanel are part of your disk usage since that is where the files are stored, within your account.

  19. Question: How much space am I alotted for databases such as MySQL?

    Answer: As much as you need granted that your sites fit within the normal confines of shared hosting.

  20. Question: Do you offer Frontpage extensions?

    Answer: Yes

  21. Question: Do you offer Secure Socket Layer?

    Answer: A shared SSL is setup on the server for any client to use with their scripts. Should you need your own private SSL for your domain, you may purchase that with us or a third party and use it.

  22. Question: How many email accounts, forwards, and email aliases can I have?

    Answer: As many as you need. These kinds of things take up little space and it's very hard to cause any sort of disruption with a large amount of forwarders. This is why we're not really interested in setting a cap for this. We are more interested in accommodating clients instead of limiting them to shell out more money. Things can always be done in excess as previously explained but I've yet to find a client cause a problem on a server by using a large amount of email accounts or forwarders working here almost 3 years.

  23. Question: Is sending to opt-in email lists allowed? (i.e., e-newsletters, autoresponders, etc.)

    Answer: Newsletters, bulk emailing, auto-responders, are all allowed. However, There is a limit of 600 emails for outbound email per hour. This limit is to protect the servers IP reputation and to prevent a crash for a server overload. Without this limit, an account could become compromised if another client neglected to keep their scripts updated for example. If the hacker wanted to blast out millions of emails in a short period, it would likely cause a server crash. It would along with it cause blacklisting problems and issues. The 600 emails per limit prevents something like this from happening. The limit is only on outbound emails only. PHP List can be installed through Fantastico for free if you need to send bulk email. It's capable of email throttling where it will send out 500 emails in a hour, pause, wait for the hour to expire, and continue down the email list. This prevents your account from exceeding 600 emails per hour when sending mass email.

  24. Question: How many emails can I send out per hour and day?

    Answer: We have a 600 emails per hour (14,400 per day) limitation on all of our shared servers. No limit on incoming mail.

  25. Question: Is your package upgradable and what should I expect if I ever need to upgrade to a larger package?

    Answer: There are no larger or smaller packages currently. If you wanted to upgrade, it would be to a VPS or Dedicated Server. In which, we would help you with the migration so there is no downtime.

  26. Question: Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    Answer: If you are not completely satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days of purchasing a hosting or reseller plan, you will be given a full refund of the fees paid in advance upon plan cancellation. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is only available to new customers and cannot be invoked by anyone who has ever previously been a customer of Acenet or has been a customer of Acenet for over 30 days. The following services are not covered by the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and are non-refundable for any reason: additional items and services; domain name registration; dedicated servers; virtual dedicated servers; plan renewals; plan upgrades; plan term extensions; SSL certificates; and overage fees. To invoke the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you must cancel your plan exactly as outlined in the "Termination by Customer" section of the agreement within 30 days of purchase. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS OFFERED, PROMISED OR AVAILABLE AFTER 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE.

  27. Question: What are your billing and cancellation policies?

    Answer: All domain registrations and hosting plans will auto-renew until canceled. If you wish to cancel a package, please login to your billing account and make the cancel request on any domain registration or hosting packages that are setup in your billing account before the renew dates.

  28. Question: What is your acceptable usage policy in a nutshell?

    Answer: You are basically given unlimited or a large amount of resources to do the things you need, granted that your website or account do not push the limits of a shared web hosting environment.

    (Note: See the policy at their web site for full details.)

  29. Question: Are there any penalties or fees for exceeding basic allocations and what should I expect if it accidentally happens? (i.e., Going over my bandwidth, etc.?)

    Answer: I have yet to find a shared account exceed what Enterprise 2.0 can offer in regards to bandwidth or disk space unless the account is misused. I.E. being used to store warez, personal back up's of their computers programs or personal data. To answer your question, we would not penalize you if it did happen. We would notify you by email if anything became a problem and why. You would then be given ample time to make the corrections or reply back to us stating why you would disagree.

  30. Question: Can I set up a free trial period?

    Answer: Free trials are not offered as we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy in our terms of service.

  31. Question: How soon can I expect to obtain access to my Web site after I submit my order?

    Answer: Assuming that your order passes all fraud checks, within 5 minutes. Should it not pass, it will just need to be manually reviewed by Sales & Billing during their normal business hours. 09:00am - 05:00pm EST.

  32. Question: Do you impose file size upload limits and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: File update limits, this depends on the method of upload. FTP has no limits, however php you're bound by the servers php.ini which is around 32Mg this can be increased per account.

  33. Question: Do you impose any limits to how many files can be stored in a single sub-directory and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: There is no limits however I've seen some issues when files size reaches about 3000+ files. Some files were not able to be viewed via FTP however this was quickly corrected.

  34. Question: Do you impose a size-load limit that a directory can have and, if so, what is it? (i.e., 100 MB worth of files per directory)

    Answer: No limits

  35. Question: Do you have any CPU, RAM, or Inode limits that I need to know about and stay under and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: Yes we do, it all depends on the server you're placed on, we like for our clients to stay under 20% of total CPU, .4% mysql usage, and around 5% RAM.

  36. Question: Is there a limit to how many simultaneous HTTP connections there can be and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: This is a global setting and all users contribute to it.

  37. Question: Is there a limit to how many simultaneous PHP connections there can be and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: No limit.

  38. Question: Is there a limit to how many simultaneous database connections there can be (i.e., MySQL, etc.) and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: There is no limit however you'll want to be sure not to go over the resource limit for mysql.

  39. Question: Is there a limit to how many simultaneous FTP connections there can be and, if so, what are they?

    Answer: Each server is different since the hardware is different however around 10

  40. Question: Do you offer IMAP and, if so, is there any limits to how many IMAP connections I can have and what are they?

    Answer: Each server is different since the hardware is different however around 10

  41. Question: What should I typically expect to happen if any of the limits above accidentally went over their limit? (i.e., Would my visitors see a message saying "account temporarily suspended" or what should I expect? Please elaborate.)

    Answer: It depends on the limit, we'll first contact you unless it is effecting other clients. We'll ask you to either look into why this is happening and resolve it or upgrade. IF you're effecting the overall server performance and causing slow downs the account or script will be disabled. If the account is disabled you may see a suspended page.

  42. Question: Do you offer ffmpeg for video conversion and video sharing? If so, are there any limitations and what are they?

    Answer: ffmpeg is not available on our shared servers, you would need either a VPS or Full dedicated server.

  43. Question: Do you host adult content or web sites?

    Answer: No, as described in our terms of service we do not allow adult content

  44. Question: How can I ensure your network and my (shared) IP address you give me won't get blocked or blacklisted as spam by ISP companies when I send and receive emails through your server?

    Answer: Our Enterprise accounts come with dedicated IP addresses so you are the only one on that dedicated IP. The only person that can get your IP blacklisted would be you.

  45. Question: Do you automatically make back up copies of all my files and, if so, how often, and is there any limits?

    Answer: We do offer backups, however they are not archival so you can get a backup from within 48-72 hours.

  46. Question: What is the typical procedure you recommend that I take (other than companies like PayPal) if I want to accept credit cards from my web site, and what do I need to know to make it happen and how much extra will it all cost?

    Answer: You'll need a merchant account with someone like we do supply you with the application and I belive it's based on your credit. (you would need to speak with sales)

  47. Question: How long will you give me to retrieve all my files if, for any reason, either one of us decides to terminate our service with each other?

    Answer: You'll have until your renewal date to retrieve files. If you pay for 1 month and terminate it on the 15th day you'll still have 15 days to get your content.

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