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By Mark Shroyer

With Ace Net Web Hosting the average person will find most everything they need all combined in one package. There are a few optional add-ons but most of it you probably don't need or already have. (Or can get online free. Hint, hint.)

Of course, Ace Net offers all the normal stuff you see everywhere and includes it in their package all for one price. Like linux, 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, Fantastico, WordPress, etc., etc. (See their web site and/or contact them for full features.)

But what is most impressive is how rapidly they respond. Hearing from sales and tech. support in less than an hour via email is impressive. However, a seven minute or less response time from tech. support is amazing. They told us they only offer help desk and that they know it may seem inconvenient to someone who hasn't used their support before. But they added that this is the secret which allows them to be more efficient and accurate so they can reply within 10 minutes due to not being tied up on the phone or sifting through disorganized emails.

In fact, we didn't believe it ourselves at first. So we put their tech. support system to the test. We contacted them 10 different times all via the help desk. Every instance but one they responded between 3-6 minutes. It was amazing! That one and only time they missed the 10 minute deadline, it was about 20 minutes. They also have been very friendly and thorough with their answers so you are not left scratching your head feeling clueless.

Another thing I like about Ace Net is that, unlike other Web hosting companies who offer "unlimited" hosting and then later force you to delete thousands of files because you are over their "inode" limit (What?!!) AceNet simply includes 32 GB diskspace. (32 GB is more than enough for most web sites. Frankly, most web sites will never need that much disk space.)

Now if you share a server with others, Ace Net does have a CPU, Ram and MySQL limit that you can not continuously exceed. But this is common and only fare to both you and the others sharing your server so it will stay up and continue running quick and smoothly. Like all computers, servers have limits too. If everyone kept going over the computer's limit everyone's web site would continuously slow down and/or crash. Obviously, that is what both you and Ace Net hope to avoid.

Another great benefit is that everyone also gets unlimited domains and a unique IP address. That way if someone else on your shared server gets accused of spamming and placed on a black list, you are not penalized for their misfortune and you escape getting blacklisted also.

Something else I like is that AceNet offer backups. The only problem is that it may take up to 48-72 hours to retrieve. But better that than not having any at all. (Obviously, you should be making your own back up copies too.)

Of course, all seasoned web site owners realize that all successful web sites have "growing pains." The best way to look at hosting is to be sure you have a plan in place for upgrading. The easiest plan to follow is to be sure your provider offers an upgrade path for you. (i.e., Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server.)

When that day comes where you've outgrown the benefits of shared hosting, with Ace Net, it's easy to upgrade to a reseller account, VPS, or a dedicated server. But AceNet offers so much the average webmaster may never need to upgrade.

OK. Nothing is perfect. There are two main things about Ace Net I noticed.

The first thing I don't like is that AceNet does limit you to sending out only 600 emails per hour (14,400/day). If you do very little to no email marketing then it is not an issue. However, if you do then it could be? Of course, the reason there is a limit here is to minimize your chances for being accused of spamming and blacklisted. That makes sense. Plus there are plenty of 3rd party companies (i.e., TrafficWave, AWeber and/or GetResponse) you can use for email marketing. So really this 600/hr. limit is not that big of deal and it is only there to protect you and keep your best interest at heart.

The other thing I found during my research I don't like is this. I noticed there was another web hosting company called AceHost. AceHost and AceNet inc may have similar business names but they are owned by two different companies. The problem? Ace Net is rated A+ with the BBB. AceHost is rated F. (Don't confuse these two companies like so many have!)

Now, I do understand Ace Net had some "growing pains" their first two years in business. But as you soon will see now they have their act together. Today they offer generous (and many unlimited) features, they provide quick and outstanding technical support, and they are rarely down. In my opinion, you just can't get much better than Ace Net. Whether you are looking for a new host or need to switch to a better host, you just can't go wrong with AceNet.

In fact, AceNet is one of the main Web hosts we switched to. We have been with them years and are quite satisfied. Unless you KNOW you will be going over their CPU/Ram/MySQL limits you will want to start with their Shared Web Hosting Package.

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