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By Mark Shroyer

Arvixe Hosting offers all kinds of web hosting packages and options at different price points for both linux and windows. This includes personal hosting, business hosting, ecommerce hosting, blog hosting, shopping cart hosting, cms hosting, forum hosting, social network and community web site hosting and more!

Here is how they break down their Shared Hosting packages:

Choices: Linux Operating or Windows Operating System (ASP):

  • Personal Class (Limited features)
  • Personal Class Pro (Unlimited features)
  • Business Class (Limited features)
  • Business Class Pro (Unlimited features)

They also have similar packages and breakdowns outlined for resellers, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

Here is what I like about Arvixe:

When Arvixe says they do not overload their servers, they mean it! The maximum for Personal Class is around 200 accounts. The maximum for BusinessClass servers are around 50 accounts. Very low indeed!

Send an email to tech. support and their goal is to send back an initial reply within 24 hours. But call their toll-free phone number and you get help ASAP. (I know my option choice!)

SSL certificate are dirt cheap at just $26/yr. if you need a secure web page that no one else shares.

Something else that is exciting is that regardless of whether you choose a personal or business account Arvixe includes several unlimited features, like disk space, monthly bandwith, etc. (See their web site for full features.)

They also offer ffmpeg for video conversion and video sharing which isn't common with shared hosting. Plus, something else uncommon is that backups are automatically made nightly for personal and hourly for business. Sweet!

All seasoned web site owners realize that all successful web sites have "growing pains." The best way to look at hosting is to be sure you have a plan in place for upgrading. When that day comes where you've outgrown the benefits of shared hosting, Arvixe also offers a reseller account, VPS, or a dedicated server.

The best part is that Arvixe offers a 60-day money back guarantee, and it's easy to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server once your web site becomes successful and grows.

It all sounds very exciting doesn't it? Well stop. Don't get too excited yet.

Here is what I dislike about Arvixe:

Arvixe said they offer unlimited bandwidth/transfer and hosting for business class accounts and they do not have any inode limits, direct CPU, RAM, or memory restrictions for their shared hosting. This is true.

However, here is the catch...

Arvixe has placed limits on how many people can connect to your Web site at the same time. For Personal Class accounts you can have no more than 20 simultaneous connections. For business class accounts it is no more than 40. This means for every connection there is to PHP, MySql, FTP, IMAP, etc. each counts as a connection. But before you get too upset this simply means that no more than 20-40 people can connect to your web site at the exact same time.

So for example, if you exceed the 25 limit on your personal account (i.e., more than 25 people connect at the same time) everyone else will receive a 500 error message. Obviously, low traffic sites have nothing to worry about. But high traffic sites may need to upgrade. But the good news is that most connections are quick, depending on the quality of coding. As long as each connection does not take a long time to execute, there is nothing to worry about. (Just to be clear their VPS and Dedicated Server plans do not have this limit.)

Something else that initially looked awesome is they allow 1,000 emails/hour (24,000 emails/day). This would be good for budding email marketers. However, here is the problem. They do not allow bulk email. (i.e., electronic newsletters.) You can only send emails to friends and family. (What?!! Who sends 1,000 emails per hour to their friends and family? Not me!) To send bulk emails you must use their email marketing class plan PLUS their hosting plan. Of course, you can also use 3rd parties for email marketing. (i.e., TrafficWave, AWeber and/or GetResponse)

Another thing I don't like is they allow adult content. The main reason I don't like this is because adult web sites tend to be very busy and cause a lot of problems for everyone else sharing the server. (i.e., Web site speeds slow down and crash.) It is just too easy to get your shared IP address blacklisted due to someone else's spamming. Of course, if you plan to host an adult Web site then Arvixe is beneficial.

OK. So do I recommend Arvixe and why?

While Arvixe clearly has a connection limitation I still recommend them for start-ups on a small budget and for learning purposes. Especially for personal sites and small business sites. (You can always upgrade to their VPS or dedicated server package later.)

The reasons why are because Arvixe is rated A with the BBB. They have toll-free phone support. They offer a WYSIWYG online HTML Editor. (Great for newbie webmasters.) Plus they offer ffmpeg for video conversion and video sharing (not common with shared hosting) and a 60-day money back guarantee!

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